Louis Pasteur University of Strasbourg, France
Ecole d'été de Strasbourg en Chemoinformatique
Laboratoire d'Infochimie, UMR 7177, ULP, Strasbourg

Strasbourg Summer School on Chemoinformatics: CheminfoS3

Obernai, June 22-25 2008.
Strasbourg June 26 2008 (Japanese - French meeting on chemoinformatics).

QSAR: discovery and first stepsT. FujitaB
History and challenges of chemoinformaticsJ. GasteigerB
Current trends in chemoinformaticsW. WarrFB
Fingerprint Design and Molecular Complexity EffectsJ. BajorathS
Diversity Analysis and Library DesignV. GilletB
De novo DesignG. SchneiderS
Lessons learned from modelling bioactivity - what works and what doesn'tR. GlenFB
Exploring novel estrogen receptors and more...T. OpreaFB
Tutorial: Impact of dataset composition on models performanceA. VarnekNS
Molecular descriptors: an overviewR. TodeschiniFB
The good, the bad and the ugly practices of QSAR modellingA. TropshaFB
Pharmacophore Approach in Drug DiscoveryT. LangerS
Classification of chemical reactionsJ. Aires-de-SousaNS
Machine learning methods in QSARI. TetkoS
Tutorial on application of non-linear methods in chemistry (neural networks, support vector machines)I. BaskinS
In silico target profilingJ. MestresS
Docking and post-docking strategiesD. RognanS
What Crystal Structure Databases Tell us about Conformational Preferences of Drug-like MoleculesM. StahlS
The Role of Cheminformatics in the Modern Drug Discovery ProcessP. ErtlS
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