My areas

1993: Time Series and Prediction;
1994: Mathematical Models in Mobile Phase Optimization for Chromatographic Elution;
1995: Statistical Software Developing;
1996: Molecular Graph Software Developing;
1997: Modeling of Structural Provenience Physico-Chemical and Biological Properties;
1998: Software Development with Borland Pascal using OWL and OOP;
1999: Component Oriented Programming and RAD in Borland Delphi and C Builder;
2000: Automat Making of Hypertext Documents, Java Script Programming;
2001: Functional Analysis; QSPR/QSAR Studies; Relational Databases;
2002: Unix Programming; HTTP, PHP and MySQL Programming;
2003: Client - Server Applications;
2004: Algorithmics;

2005: Mathematical Modeling; Chemistry Education;

2006: Research & Education: Methodology & Management;
The SCI-O Project: removed due to lack of funding Reation Mechanism Finder (here a animated GIF)

2007: Fundamentals in: Number Theory, Graph Theory, Probability Theory; FreePascal programming;
Binomial Distribution Revisited Graph Polynomials Binomial Distribution Revisited

2008: Applications of Energy and Entropy Concepts;
Evolution of the total solar radiation in 2007 at 46.79597N 23.62605E Correlation between Shanon and Renyi entropies in trees after a vertex cut Correlation between Shanon entropy and Simpson diversity in trees after a vertex cut From Mathematical, to Computational, and to Medicinal Chemistry project

2009: Nature Methodology;
Applied Physics Experimental Design Genetic Algorithms Confidence Assessment

2010: Evolution strategies: selection and survival
Evolution strategies analysis

2011: Statistical significance of regression models
Regression model analysis Regression model analysis

2012: Distribution analysis
Seeds size distribution Relative moments of evolution distribution Poisson distribution fo antimicrobial activity

2013: Nanocages
Porphyrine-Fullerene System Condensed Cyclic Polyynes

2014: Building of chemistry scientific software
Genetic families of descriptors Rarefaction analysis

2015: Physical and chemical reference data